25 garment enterprises in Guangzhou group to explore the North American market


 It was learned from the Guangzhou Council for the promotion of international trade that the 2015 Las Vegas International Clothing and fabric accessories exhibition was held at the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center. The Guangzhou Council for the promotion of international trade led 65 entrepreneurs from 25 Guangzhou enterprises to highlight the image of "Guangzhou famous products world tour" with a special booth of 297 square meters and explore the North American market.
The exhibition area of Guangzhou Pavilion increased by 37% compared with last year, and it is divided into two professional exhibition areas: jeans area and knitting wool area. Among them, the jeans district is dominated by Zengcheng Xintang enterprises. Zengcheng Xintang, as the national jeans production base, has nearly 10000 jeans clothing and related supporting enterprises, involving nearly 30 industries. There are nearly 3000 jeans clothing production enterprises, including more than 400 enterprises above Designated Size, and has more than 1000 registered jeans clothing brands. In the knitting wool area, there are he Xindadi garment enterprises from the white horse Garment City in Yuexiu District. It is understood that Xindadi Garment City in Yuexiu District has gathered most manufacturers from all over the country, especially in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Chenghai and other wool textile production bases. Its products are mainly sold to Russia, Japan, the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions.
According to the Guangzhou Council for the promotion of international trade, Guangzhou enterprises won the first day of the exhibition and received nearly a thousand professional buyers. Guangzhou jingkailong Garment Co., Ltd., which participated in the exhibition for the second time, said that the booth location and the quality of customers in the Guangzhou famous products Hall of the exhibition had made great progress compared with last year, and the effect was good. The Fengyang Shiguan clothing factory in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, which participated in the exhibition for the first time, performed prominently, and obtained orders from American customers on site, with the first batch of orders worth 80000 US dollars.