Slow sales of bonded cotton hard to find Indian cotton


At present, there are about 200000 tons of bonded cotton not cleared in China, of which American cotton accounts for 60-70%. Other major stocks are Australian cotton, West African cotton and Brazilian cotton. The price of American cotton is about 14500-14800 yuan/ton at 1-1/8, Australian cotton is about 16300-16500 yuan/ton at 1-5/32, and Indian cotton is about 13500-13700 yuan/ton.
At present, the sales progress of bonded cotton in major ports is very slow. The arrival is mainly Australian cotton, while a small amount of high-quality cotton from the United States is shipped, and Indian cotton is hard to find. Cotton sales outside the port are difficult to improve due to the cold purchasing in textile enterprises, the sluggish domestic futures prices and the further decline in the expected price of new cotton for listing