Main uses of polyester filament spunbond hot-rolled non-woven fabric


1. Drainage board: It can be used to make filter membranes for drainage boards in soft foundation treatment, with high permeability coefficient, high tensile and compressive strength, and strong soil separation performance.
2. Wrapping cloth: It can be used as a material for housing wrapping cloth and padding, with advantages such as breathability, moisture resistance, long service life, and energy conservation. It can play a role in windproof, anti prying, anti mold, and insulation, creating a drier, healthier, and more environmentally friendly living space for you.
3. Filter material: It can be used as a gas and liquid filter material. Due to the fiber fineness reaching 0.75d, a more uniform fiber distribution can be obtained, resulting in better filtration effect.
4. Cable wrapping: can be used as a cable wrapping material, with advantages such as high temperature resistance, long service life, and aging resistance, and has become a conventional wrapping material in the world cable industry.
5. Waterproof membrane: It can be used as a base material for making advanced waterproof membranes such as SBS and apps. It has high tensile strength, good elongation performance, excellent thermal stability, strong puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and other characteristics.
6. Agriculture and Horticulture: It can be processed into vegetables, fruit and melon harvest fabrics, seedling cultivation fabrics, soil insulation fabrics, greenhouse curtains, fruit bagging, etc. It has the characteristics of good breathability, good moisture permeability, and moderate light transmittance, which can promote crop growth, mature early, and effectively prevent insect infestation. In addition, the finished product is resistant to aging and can be reused, reducing costs.
7. Packaging materials: With the characteristic of strong longitudinal and transverse strength, they can be used for composite cement bags, packaging materials, various packaging substrates, etc.
8. Automotive interior: Green, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free, widely used in the production of automotive plush carpets and other interiors, making automotive interior decoration more beautiful and comfortable.
9. Medical and health products: disposable masks, hats, surgical gowns, shoe covers, protective clothing, pillowcases, bed sheets, duvet covers, etc.